Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Even with the Lord on your side, a bit of sex appeal still helps

The scene is set in the lobby of GRACE's department. Four MALE MAINTENANCE/SECURITY STAFF are crowded round the widescreen television, which they have switched from BBC News 24 to FOX News. Sarah Palin is speaking and they are watching, breathless.

GRACE, having just locked herself out of her office, enters quietly from stage left.

GRACE: Um, excuse me...


GRACE: (raising her voice slightly) Er, sorry to disturb you, but...

All four MALE MAINTENANCE/SECURITY STAFF slowly turn around, cringeing and all red-faced, looking as though they'd been caught reading Page 3 of The Sun .


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Sigh. I think Palin is the ultimate male fantasy. She likes typical male activities like hunting and hockey but looks like a model.

grace said...

When I heard her refer to herself as a "hockey mom", I thought a "hockey mom" was, like, some deep allusion to something I didn't get. But whereas flicking pucks or balls around (oops) is all very wholesome and good-for-the-soul (well, for some people)... I mean, how does one square up gratuitously killing mousses and polar bears and caribou with a literal reading of a creation story in which God tells us to be nice to animals?

*Grace eyes the carbon-emitting Alaskan smoked salmon offcuts in her supposed-to-be-vegetarian fridge and cringes with her own hypocisy*