Friday, 19 September 2008

What happened to Todd Bentley?

Despite my reprehensible lack of blogging over the past week, I've still sustained upwards of fifteen visitors each day who have found me by googling to try and find out what happened to Todd Bentley. I'm still wondering, too. And it may well be no bad thing that there's barely any news. Todd has had his public vilification and I'd rather he now spent some time with God and his family to reflect on the mess he's made of it all. There's just this piece, for which Todd's wife Shonnah seemingly declined to be interviewed yet denies knowledge of where her husband even is. Horrible. How does she explain that to the kids? If it's true that Todd's just sodded off, is he ever planning to come back to sort out custody or access arrangements?

Despite all this, there have been some interesting commentaries around the blogosphere.

Lakeland Closure. A bit late perhaps has some very calm and thoughtful points to make. And Rupert's Lakeland and Toronto Part 1 and Part 2 does a subtle not-throwing-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater job.

I'm still worrying, though, about his kids...


Natrimony said...

Thank you for your link to I really would like closure in regard to this whole mess, however, I don't know that I will fully receive that this side of Glory.

But I agree with you. There are some kids left behind who definitely need their daddy.

grace said...

I agree. I'd really rather not think or speculate about it all any more. I suspect that there's far more to the whole saga than we will ever know...

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hate that the press never even cares about the kids.

Peter Kirk said...

Thanks for this. But note that according to Todd as reported by Rick Joyner it was Shonnah who refused all contact with Todd, not vice versa. So she, not he, is to be blamed for any separation between Todd and his kids.

If Shonna really doesn't know where Todd is, that could be because she is making no effort to find out. Or she may have more sense than to give information to reporters and so sensibly said that she didn't know exactly where he was at that very moment. I can imagine the phone conversation:

"Can I speak to Todd please?"

"No, he's not here."

"Where is he?"

"I don't know."

"Can I interview you about Lakeland?"


Sound of phone being slammed down.

grace said...

Good point. I was rung up by a local paper for comment on something unrelated to this blog... and what ended up published bore only the most tenuous relation to what I'd actually said. That is, it seems, the media. All we can know, I suppose, is that the kids are stuck in a horrendous situation... and that,as Ruth says, that deserves some concern.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wept...a good comment. For sure Jesus is weeping over the present situation in which Todd Bentley finds himself. For what purpose?? In order for Todd to be restored. My question is this: Is Jesus not also weeping over our judgmental/critical attitude towards Todd?? Does not the Bible tell us to restore such a brother gently considering ourselves lest we be taken in a similar fault?? Therefore, it would be far more beneficial for us to pray diligently for Todd than for us to openly criticize him. After all, Jesus did NOT stone the woman caught in adultery but He restored her and told her to go and sin no more.