Monday, 15 September 2008

first impressions

A cluster of early 80s municipally-architectured low-rise buildings hidden in a crop of giant bushes in an expansive, waterlogged field half-way to the beach. Unusually peaceful, almost rural, even. Friendly people, too. They've set me up all registered on the postgrad course which accompanies or even characterises it all and suddenly I'm a student again. I've never studied in the middle of a field before. All my previous academic efforts have been in town centre or inner-city surroundings. I wonder whether all this green space will filter into my thinking. I wonder whether there's ever been any research done to determine how population or building density affects academic output. And now, rather than simply wondering, I could get onto Athens and look it up.

Thank you to everyone who sent their good wishes for today.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Good wishes continue, because I know that transitions and adjustments take time.

grace said...

thanks :-)

Lampbus said...

Good luck, rural locations are best (I am biased of course); especially as I just spent a couple of days in North Wales playing with ropes and carabiners - on skis !