Thursday, 14 August 2008

Barack Obama competes with Prince Charles for definitive Antichrist status as Satan is alleged incarnate yet again

Blogspot is now hosting the blog entitled Barack Obama the Antichrist.

It is a genuine attempt to express a view that the end of the world finally is nigh... or merely a nifty Republican campaign tool?

Either way, it's an age-old eschatopolitical (or did I make that word up?) trick. At this point I was going to attempt something all serious and scholarly in probing for parallels between the antichrist charges made against Obama in the US today and Charles I in Britain in 1640. As soon as I put "charles antichrist" into Google, however, I became sidetracked by the realisation that today's Prince Charles is also beset with antichrist allegations. Watch what follows... and weep.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

May I stop beating my head against the wall now?

Seriously, I have another one to add to your list. Back in the 1970s, a Christian friend told me in all seriousness that Jimmy Carter was the Antichrist.

We're still here.

boxthejack said...

That's just fantastic! I loved the spooky music.

Charles must be the most geopolitically insignificant Antichrist candidate in history. Who else? Terry Wogan? Alex Fergusson? Nick Clegg?

grace said...

Terry Wogan? But he's so cuddly! And Jimmy Carter... so innocent-looking. I'd thought that most contemporary candidates for alleged antichristness were usually Jewish... but a bit more poking around on google suggests not..

Anonymous said...

It would seem that this is an attempt by satan, who recieves his power from GOD, to divert the attention of those who are not in the know from discerning who actually is the anti-CHRIST.The antichrist will appear on the scene somewhat suddenly,arise at a time of world crisis,be a great speaker,he will be loved by millions worldwide hmmmmm....behold the obamanation of desolation!! (Revelations) Three years into his reign is the end. 2012?